Stories about places from all over the world.

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My philosophy

I believe that different places are shaped by different people. That’s why every place has its own story, it’s own identity. That story explains how a place came to be. Wherever I go, I ask myself what stories shaped that place, or happen in that place. I also discovered that it can also work the other way around. Stories don’t just happen, they can be made to form new experiences at a place. 

The way this works has fascinated me for quite a while. That’s why I started the project Creating World Stories. My love for my field of study, urban planning, plays a part in this, but perhaps my passion for reading, writing and discovering new places is even bigger.  2018 marks the biggest adventure of my life. During eight months I’ll be engaged in a study abroad overseas and a journey across Australia and Asia. In this time I will try to find and write stories about places from all over the world.

Stay tuned and enjoy reading!

“People think that stories are shaped by

people. In fact it’s the other way around…”

– Terry Pratchett



Creating World Stories is not just the platform I use to blog about my adventures abroad. It is a much bigger  project that I have been working on for a while. Because of my belief that every person and every place has a story, I look for stories and try to understand what effect they have. More importantly: I want to discover to what extend and how storytelling can be used in place making and area development. 

So where do I get my stories?


Next year I’ll finish my bachelors degree. As a part of this I am going to work on storytelling as the starting point for concept-development. My school gave me the opportunity to work with any client.

Are you looking for that creativity in a person who dares to approach things in a different way? 


Between May 9th and August 24th I’ll be traveling the world! On my way I’ll visit a number of global hubs and hotspots but I’ll also visit many other beautiful places.

My journey starts Down Under and after that I’ll try to see as much of South-East Asia as I can.


Here you’ll find the most recent stories I have written about my adventures.



I’m a 21 year old urban planning major from the Netherlands. I am super interested in area- and concept development, especially in complex and global contexts.

My other passions are reading, writing and traveling. This project brings everything together: I travel to collect and write stories about places from all over the world.